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Ankur kolkata
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Ankur kolkata

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Kolkata's leading Tour & Travel agency

Ankur Tour & Travels Pvt. Ltd.

The Travel bug

Our lifestyle today has made travel into an art.the places we travel, the transport we use, the technology we use to access far flung countries, the places we dwell in, in foreign lands have all been developed in such a way that each of us, no matter from where we hail, enjoy our travel experiences.an entire new travel industry has evolved out of man's wonderlust.

A New Dimension in Traveling

We at Ankur Tour & Travels Pvt. Ltd. also believe that travel adds a great dimension to our existence and must therefore be approached with great seriousness. This is why we after having provided cable & broadband services in the part of city from more than 15 years have come up with diversification venture in travels. After having been the window to the world to this city, we are now poised to take you physically around the world.

Ours is a travel house catering to customised travel plans. We have exciting options for groups & individuals traveling in India. Apart from all this we are into ecotourism also. ecotourism focuses on local culture, wilderness adventures, volunteering, personal growth, and learning new ways to live on the planet; typically involving travel to destinations where flora ,fauna, and culture heritage are the primary attractions. Travel with us once if you want to enjoy this wonderful experience. Our infrastructure also allows you to be at home anywhere in the world when you are traveling with us.

Make all journeys memorable

Apart from just giving tailor-made special solutions we also encourage innovative suggestions from our customers.this we believe helps us enrich your travel experience with us. We would in-fact like to make your holidays with us so special that it remains evergreen in your heart till the last day of your life. For instance, while
taking you out on a trip, if you get inspiration to paint; we will provide you with a paint, brush & canvas, no matter what.

Your experience of traveling with Ankur Tour & Travels Pvt. Ltd. should be exhilarating, touching and memorable. To ensure that we will always go an extra mile. So choose the fun & creative way of traveling and see the memorable picture in your mind's eye for years to come.