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Technologies Used:

  PHP, Mysql, Jquery

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Project Description:

Cousins Davis is a research and brand development agency with a clear focus on the business results of our clients. We use a range of industry proven methodologies to provide fresher, sharper insights to help drive your strategies for growth, development and brand building. Over the years we have recorded success after success for the clients that our teams work closely with, every step of each of the process that it employed on your behalf is discussed clearly so that projected and actual outcomes are fully understood.

There are two main methods that are used and each of these have their own sub categories for gathering different types of data that is then analysed and correlated giving clients a clear indication of what is needed for their continued success; Qualitative research is a method of investigation used in many different areas of market research, which aims to gather information leading to an in-depth understanding of human behaviour in the targeted groups and the reasons that govern such behaviours. Quantitative research refers to the methodical first hand inquiries of communal occurrences using mathematical, statistical or numerical data, (this is often referred to as computerised modelling). The objective of quantitative research is to develop by means of mathematical models, theories and/or assumptions pertaining to certain happenings.