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  osClass customization

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WWW.TRADEPARK.NG ~ continent’s no.1 marketplace

 The growth of use of the internet in day-to-day business activities is fast increasing. Many prospective buyers and sellers now resort to the internet for bargains. Also the growth of businesses is now directly or indirectly linked to the ability to be presented or seen worldwide via the internet.

 As a result of this development we hereby introduce Tradepark.ng ~ the continent’s no.1 marketplace, a platform for buyers and sellers and people that need their services to be announced to the world and need these services through us.

Tradepark.ng is a platform for services that are further categorized into real estate, vehicles, fashion, jobs, stuffs for sale, travels etc. Park Magazine offers facilities for social and corporate profiling, events and news. Trade Events section is linked to out YouTube platform Tradeparktv where various events and corporate and a individual activities can be uploaded to be seen worldwide.  Social and corporate events can be featured and watched at anytime, anywhere in the world.

TRADEPARK.NG  is also a shopping website and we offer a broad range of products including IT and electronic products, importation, distribution through our Deals on Offer section of the site.  By registering with us you will enjoy limitless opportunities in the services we render.

At tradepark.ng or any of our websites, we can upload your products, banners and services and link them to your website, or webpage and  we you wish we can develop websites and landing pages for you at very good rate as a user. Very powerful multi-page websites can be developed for you by us within 30 days. 

To enjoy full facilities on the site, we advise you register today at www.tradepark.ng  and enjoy the
 Classified adverts are free. JUST REGISTER AND GET PEOPLE TO KNOW YOU.

Tradepark.ng is for anyone selling, buying, renting, and doing anything, anytime, anywhere in any continent.