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One Arm Golf
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One Arm Golf

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Society members at the 2022 World Championship Tynemouth

About the Society

The Society of One-Armed Golfers welcomes golfers of all ages and abilities, playing golf with one arm, to take part in competitive competitions and social events.

Our objective is to provide a level playing field for such golfers and our criteria is that every shot must be played using only one arm and without the use of prosthetics or other aids. The realisation of only one arm or its use from birth or through injury, can be a traumatic experience and the Society has inspired many people to build personal confidence generally and in playing the great sport of golf.

Each year the Society holds a World Championship and national competitions  attended by one-armed golfers of all standards from many countries around the world. We have golfers who through dedication and perseverance have attained very high standards with handicaps as low as 3. However the Society embraces golfers of all standards. The camaraderie between members, together with striking the golf ball with one arm makes the Society unique.

We encourage all One-Armed Golfers to contact our Society and take up the opportunity to join us.

Contact details can be found on this web-site.