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NS Digital Online Services
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NS Digital Online Services

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  Digital Online Services

Project Description:

NS Digital Online Services is a company owned by experts who have been working in the e-gov services industry since its inception in 2017. The government tries to make its services accessible to anyone at any time. However, few people have the resources or knowledge to use these online services. That is why we at NS Online Services have decided to ensure that the technology is available for people to use the government services more efficiently.

Due to the vast number of online services the government provides, multiple services are scattered across various websites, and accessing everything is not easy and straightforward. You must navigate the government websites and scroll through numerous pages to find instructions for some simple tasks. This is not always possible for everyone, and the resources are not readily available. That is why NS Online Services is formed to bridge the gap between people, technology, and government services.

NS Online Services has established business relationships with numerous consumers, operators, vendors, merchants, networks, infrastructure providers, and financial institutions to bring government services closer to you. Now, you don’t have to spend hours online or scroll through multiple websites to get the information you want.

NS Online Services is committed to bringing government services closer to people by offering some of the most common and frequently used government services bundled together. To make Digital India a reality, we have created a digital portal to maximize the benefits.

NS Online Services is an allied services provider that provides many e-governance services. We also offer highly successful electronic payment solutions and other services based on the region for utility and telecommunication operators. Simply put, you don’t have to move away from your home to avail these services. Simply use our website as a one-stop-shop for all your e-governance

Our services are also helpful for retailers to use a multitude of web-based services to provide customer services to the client at a lower operating cost. Retailers can use NS Online Services to their advantage to deliver cost-effective services to their customers for maximum customer satisfaction.

NS Online services ensure that the consumers are available these services conveniently. We have a franchise network of several mom-and-pop stores scattered across various neighborhoods. These franchises are provided with multifunctional desktops that use the internet to connect to the service providers’ servers. All the transactions are executed in real-time through seamless connectivity. We have various contractual agreements with multiple service providers. We have the authority to provide valid reservations and receipts to our customers, and the government approves these receipts of India.


We are committed to providing the best possible customer service for our customers to get e-government services quickly and easily. We connect middle and low-income groups to the Digital India campaign by providing world-class service at an affordable price point. We bring convenience to your doorstep, enabling complete access to a multitude of government services using a trustworthy and reliable delivery mechanism.

We aim to create and develop innovative solutions and products to cater to the needs of the diverse people of India. We focus on helping people by contributing to the growth of the motto Sub Kuch Digital. We bring digital solutions to people who don’t have the infrastructure, knowledge, or access to the various digital services provided by the country.


Our vision doesn’t end by making digital India accessible for everyone. We aim for more. We focus on empowering the youth of India, providing them with various entrepreneurial opportunities to contribute to the
country’s growth. We aim to become the ultimate service provider for young businessmen to create businesses focusing on consumer services. We believe that by making digital services accessible to the commoner, the entire nation can grow positively.

We want to become the ultimate solution provider in the space of travel and IT-related services for Indian and global customers. We aim to provide a comprehensive web portal to avail all of the electronic services quickly and efficiently.  

By partnering with market leaders, we bring technology closer to people, enabling more straightforward and quicker transactions throughout the process. NS Online Services focuses more on providing the best customer service because we know people don’t have the time to wait several days for a simple e-governance process.

We don’t ask people to pay exorbitant prices because we value people and their time more than money. We ensure that the e-governance services are available on-demand whenever they want without worrying about paying for those services.

At NS Online services, we have experts and service technicians who understand customer issues and direct them towards the right service they need according to their requirements. We work with people every step of the way to ensure that they can get the services they want, irrespective of their knowledge of using the latest technology.