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green fees Australia
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green fees Australia

Technologies Used:

  Codeigniter Framework, MySQL database

Project Type:

  Golf club marketplace eCommerce

Project Description:

Who we are

We are a group of weekend golfers, or some blokes that try to golf, that have created this app to help our fellow Golfers. Green Fees Australia is the business name of the partnership K.R Clark & B Lewis & S.J. Muller ABN: 80 783 156 536.

Our service offer

Green Fees provide Golf Clubs a mechanism to collect online payments via our website at greenfees.com.au. We increase club revenue and offer player convenience. 

Why we do what we do

Many smaller, volunteer led, Golf Clubs rely on a cash-based honesty system of payment outside of club house open hours. Clubs miss out on payments due to players holding incorrect change and associated dishonesty. 

How it works

The green fee collection process firstly involves an agreement between the participating club and Green Fees Australia. Clubs will have access to administrative systems to set their own pricing and view payment activity in real-time. A player will have the ability to access our online payment gateway selecting the participating club, number of players and holes to be played. We will calculate the cost as set by the club and change the player accordingly. Details of the payment along with recept number will be emailed to the player and club at point of payment transmission. 

The benefits

1. COVID-19 response to enable zero contact payments. 

2. Open additional payment channel to capture more correct and full payments - less underweight green fee slips. 

3. Ability to accept card payments even when clubhouse not open. 

4. Reduction is administrative burden - payments made directly into club bank account. 

5. Scalability to use service as much or as little in accordance with clubs needs. 

6. Additional payment channels open for players. 

Interested parties

Contact us at  href="mailto:help@greenfees.com.au">help@greenfees.com.au. A member of the Green Fees Australia team will arrange for an information pack to be distributed seeking expressions of interest from Clubs..