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Kite Sisters
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Kite Sisters

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The original Women´s only Kiteboarding Camps Company since 2010: learn to kitesurf with our Kitesurfing Trips, Holidays and Retreats. Kite lessons for women worldwide: Belize, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Mexico, Morocco, Peru and Europe.

Kite Sisters organizes Women´s only Kiteboarding Camps and Kitesurf Trips in different destinations around the world: Belize, Mexico, Dominican Republic, Morocco, Peru and Chile.

We offer an unique experience; a Kiteboarding Holiday with an innovative format and proposal, exclusively developed and design in every detail for women: truly Retreat on luxury Villas, highend transportationpersonalized servicesexquisite local and fresh meals prepared by our Certified International Chefs; you will learnKiteboarding and improve your ridingtravel and live an unforgettable experiencewhile you enjoy a week on a beautiful female getaway.

Our Kitesurf Trips focus in your learning and progression, delivering an unforgettable and unique experience; together with a group of women from all over the world; sharing, enriching and enjoying a kitesurf vacation; on a safe, fun
and competition-free environment guided by a professional and experienced team.

With High – End services and an international Crew of professionals from Tourism and Sport fields: Instructors (Kite, Surf and Yoga), Coordinator and Chef; Kite Sisters A place where every girl´s time is respected. Where you will feel comfortable and free to learn without external pressures or competitions, on a safe environment always supervised by one of our certified IKO Instructors.

The spirit is one of our bases, what define us and the reason why our sisters keep traveling with us. The group is a community, where every woman arrives with a background and personality. Our goal is to create a group spirit; sharing activities, passion and support for the same sport, empowering each other; looking for the integration of everyone: you will arrive to the Camp as a stranger but leave it with a bunch of friends and SISTERS.