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Geniusccclegal Corporate Legal e Manual Services
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Geniusccclegal Corporate Legal e Manual Services

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  Corporate Legal e Manual Services Law website

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Geniusccclegal, Corporate Legal e Manual Services

Our Legal eManual delivery system for Industries working through out India is our unique exclusive innovative effort based on our endeavour to update it time to time. We are trusted advisor to corporate and other entities. Our firm concentrates exclusively on Corporate & Legal Research having more than 30 years experience in traditional and modern technological process. We are confident in our ability to support you online. Our slogan is appropriately coined-we want your growth and we wish you a powerful entity. Our online corporate legal knowledge management & delivery system is limited to compiling and displaying the industry specific relevant laws and dictum in running corporate activities in the form of electronic e Manual. We are in continuous process on research of corporate laws of Indian jurisdiction and then compile the same in the form of Industry-wise /State wise/Department wise e-manual. This will give corporate management a cost effective and time saving facility in day to day works and risk saving opportunity from undue hassle & harassments, fine, penalty or punishment. When you will proceed to create your account with our online system after login, you will find the list of entities and individuals who will be benifited from our online legal knowledge management and delivery system &  for whom we are working continuously and by Quick Contact any of them can choose our online service(s) and for updating support due to frequent change of law and regulatory compliances thereunder. Our Corporate Legal e Manual online delivery system is very much user friendly and process is described in another page-how it works.

   Our website http://www.geniusccclegal.in aims at corporate and other entities to introduce online multispeciality legal  management service delivered
through multi-faceted application of corporate legal electronic manual on corporate legal and regulatory compliances Industry-wise, State-wise and department-wise  application covering areas of laws on Realty, Estate, Conveyance & Society laws; Share, securities and specified investment; Foreign Trade laws; Corporate Secretarial and CSR laws; Human Resources & Personnel laws; Safety, Securities and Environmental laws; Public Information, IT and System laws; Business Start-up and Administrative Laws; Public Health and Food Administration laws; Accounts, Tax and Financial laws; Market,Trade,Industry, Economic & Commercial Laws; Foreign Direct Investors (FDI), Non-resident Indians (NRI), Overseas Citizens of India (OCI) and Persons of Indian Origin (PIO) investment laws.

     Dimensional and functional parameters of laws triggering necessity of online legal services on making legal research paved opportunity to get the services modified according to specific requirement and change in law and technology and also deserving participation of the customer in the legal knowledge delivery process. We have endeavoured unique online legal knowledge delivery service for corporate customers by continuous upgrading of corporate legal data base to suit tendency of change with purpose to retain growth and to develop the knowledge base of our valued customer.  

  Our designated and scheduled online legal knowledge delivery service certainly will help and support the compliance system within the corporate environment  through Company Secretary, legal department or Legal Manager, or Legal /Compliance Officer or Personnel, or Company Auditor, or Corporate Legal Practitioner and also helpful for Corporate Professionals, Law Student/Corporate Trainee/Corporate aspirant, or classified investors/promoters or intermediaries or agents. 

  Online legal knowledge delivery system has integrated all branches of
laws for Industries working in India.  

  Legal governance, risk management and compliance or "LGRC", refers to the complex set of processes, rules, tools and systems used by corporate legal departments to adopt, implement and monitor an integrated approach to business problems. Corporate Governance, Risk Management and Compliance are generalised set of tools for managing corporate entity or company utilised by corporate attorneys, corporate legal departments, law firms in relation to corporate related legal service, though not exclusively. Other specialisations within the realm of governance, risk management and compliance include IT GRC and financial GRC particularly in large corporate bodies having great deal of overlap within these three realms. 

  Legal Realm requires knowledge of the legal as well as the knowledge of the business world in which legal team operates. Legal and regulatory compliance team  is the key body in the process or procedure to ensure that an entity follows relevant laws, regulations and business or trade rules. There are two requirements for an entity to be compliant with the law, first its policies need to be consistent with the law. Second, its policies need to be complete with respect to the law. Within the LGRC realm, it is important to keep in mind that if a strong legal governance component is in place, risk can be accurately assessed and the monitoring of legal compliance can be carried out efficiently. Legal teams work closely with executive teams and other business departments to achieve their goals and ensure proper compliance and communication. 

 Entities are to cover all scenarios included or suggested by the law. All scenarios not allowed by the law are not to be allowed by the entities. Our website and its data base have collected some significant basics in knowledge about legal governance online to promote better governance in the corporate
environment. Our research and services are helpful to achieve the objectives of good and healthy corporate governance online into practice.