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Nbiz Infosol Information Consultancy
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Nbiz Infosol Information Consultancy

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Welcome to Nbiz Infosol Information Consultancy L.L.C.

Nbiz Infosol Information Consultancy L.L.C. is a market leader in Information Consulting and Health and Safety Consulting service providing best in class training on information systems as well as health and safety training courses in Dubai, Abu Dhabi -UAE and GCC. Areas we offer our services in include Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, India, and African Region.

Consulting Services

Our consulting services cover all aspects of IT governance and how to implement the best practices effectively towards any ISO certification. IT governance also gives allocation for further improvement on aligning IT governance towards reaching corporate goals. We are a reputable ISO certification and Consultancy Company offering a comprehensive suite of consulting, training, and implementation services. Our Health and Safety consultancy services can also be included with our training courses such as Nebosh IGC, IOSH, and OHSAS/OSHAD as a package. We have international accreditations from NEBOSH UK, Peoplecert, and APMG Accreditation.

Information Infrastructure Security

Nbiz Infosol's Information Security Services provide a comprehensive evaluation of the existing security landscape in relation to industry best practices and regulatory requirements. Our consultants not only gather information regarding current controls in place but also evaluate their effectiveness in audit risks and provide detailed, actionable recommendations for mitigating risks and improving protection.

IT Training Services

The objective is to boost employees’ competencies on technical and non-technical grounds. Investing through the mind by sending them to various business training services will allow continual learning. We also assist companies in arranging corporate business training
seminars by allocating resources and experts to conduct such required business training. These business training services might include soft skills training, management, and leadership training, IT trainings, software, and computer-related IT training, etc.

ITIL 4 Foundation course is the latest version of ITIL, offered by Nbiz in all the GCC countries such as Saudi Arabia, UAE (Abu Dhabi, Dubai), Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, and other countries such as Egypt and Nigeria. ITIL4 foundation course providing details about the ITIL 4 framework, core concepts, and terminologies of the ITIL 4 service lifecycle. This course is based on the ITIL 4 best practice service value system featured in the latest 2019 guidelines.ITIL4 helps to navigate the digital world, it incorporates to best things from ITI. ITIL foundation gets you two credits if you pass the exam. The capability modules which are explained below will get you 16 credits (each capability module gets you four credits on passing the exam), whereas the life-cycle modules will get you 15 credits (each of the models will get you three credits on passing the exam).

The capability track or modules of ITIL V3 expert training are OSA (Operational System Analysis), SOA (Service Offerings and Agreement), PPO (Planning, Protection, and Optimization), RCV (Release Change and Validation), and finally MALC (Managing Across the Life-Cycle). One cannot enter MALC unless you finish these four modules apart from the ITL V3 foundation training. Also to note that ITIL V3 expert has two tracks, namely one – life-cycle modules and two – capability modules. The life-cycle modules walk you through the expert in verticals. For example, each life-cycle phase of the ITIL V3 is offered as a course, namely:

1. Service Strategy ( training or course)
2. Service Design (training or course)
3. Service Transition (training or course)
4. Service Operation (training or
5. Continual Service Improvement (CSI course or training).

At Nbiz ITIL 4 expert is offered mostly through capability tracks as defined edges more number of credits with less number of exams and IT training services. Although, the venue takes any one of the tracks all of the ITL concepts or embedded within the track. Whether you take the life-cycle track or the capability track yours already on the path of ITL 4. It does not mean that only if you take the life-cycle track you will be more thorough or vice versa. NBIZ Infosol, IT Training Service courses are easier to teach capability modules because it has combinations of different models in each of the courses, and hence it's easier to teach and easier to understand by the students. Many students get confused about which track to take and it really depends on their interest. For example, the life-cycle track is very monotonous because the service strategy course will have many of the service strategy contents and concepts covered. It does not go very deep into the other areas. So it will be mostly very dry and wake for the students to understand. Because many students come from different backgrounds and different experiences. It's easier to teach capability modules than the life-cycle modules as explained above.

Business Training Courses

Our business training offerings have extended in various multi-industrial companies in numerous business types. These training courses have evolved not only to improve the efficiency, sufficiency, and profitability of the organization but also to engage organizational leaders towards a business-oriented approach.

PMP (Project Management Professional) Training

We are an authorized Project Management Institute (PMI) training center of PMP (Project Management Professional), having a wide range of quality management products and consultancy for information
security implementations. These range from Security Policy Development, Security Products to Intrusion Detection and Prevention services and products. We assist organizations in gaining the ability to align their business goals with information system goals.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing Services

We provide value-added, high-impact Recruitment Process Outsourcing Services. Our collaborative relationship model helps shorten the recruitment cycle for high-quality professionals. It maximizes the chance of getting the right candidate for the job, especially in highly technical positions.