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  • dumitrunavodari Open mind person. I was very strange in my requests, but she waited to understand, I have choosed heRead more..
    dumitrunavodari , Romania
  • Juju Great communication and customer service. Very professional!
    Juju , South Africa
  • expertvilla They are good and committed, working with them for more than a year now and things are good so far.
    expertvilla , United States
  • tahaouarra Good service , project done as i wanted
    tahaouarra , Morocco
  • kkumedec Excellent results. I am satisfied with his works.
    kkumedec , Korea, Republic of
  • tomviguur Great company to work with
    tomviguur , Netherlands
  • itsmeguru U can hire them for ur projects
    itsmeguru , Singapore
    jeovenel , Ghana
  • Syafeena Good work from techwelfare.The price was reasonable.They manage to finish the job on time and they wRead more..
    Syafeena , Malaysia
  • Jdm Work exactly as expected, understood my small problems without any issues.
    Jdm , Norway
  • Dlrd Always there when there was issues. They did an outstanding job. I will rehire again.
    Dlrd , United States
  • Nathan Fantastic. Very pleased! Will certainly rehire
    Nathan , Australia
  • Colmflanag Very helpful throughout..
    Colmflanag , Ireland
  • Graziano Great job bit longer that I expected.
    Graziano , Ireland
  • Petersen They got the work done quick and correctly. Will work with them again :)
    Petersen , Denmark
  • ExpertHelper best developers team,. I had wordpress task and they proved themselves to be best and co operative.
    ExpertHelper , United States
  • instantpay The best team for building websites! Very hardworking people and they take instructions carefully. IRead more..
    instantpay , Cameroon
  • onajite I enjoyed working with Techwelfare.
    onajite , Nigeria
  • nalim Im glad that I found so competent, reliable and trustful people in techwelfare. Job was done on timeRead more..
    nalim , Slovakia (Slovak Republic)
  • Vw Great guys, efficient. They did a good job for me, you will never go wrong with them.
    Vw , Kenya
  • Dqrebel Great communication.
    Dqrebel , Argentina
  • tarekhamed I am very happy to deal with you, they do exactly what i want. If there is a billion star will give Read more..
    tarekhamed , Egypt
  • NituAl3x Gerat job and great freelancer. The project was handled exactly when expected and exactly how it wasRead more..
    NituAl3x , Romania
  • XI The team did an thorough job and I plan on hiring them again. They understood what I needed and wentRead more..
    XI , United States
  • Ymohi Professional communication, transparent whenever a problem arises and strongly recommended for otherRead more..
    Ymohi , Egypt
  • Kanope Excellent work. Recommended!
    Kanope , France
  • Majdi My request was not easy, they did it perfectly and in the best way that I would it to be, they are pRead more..
    Majdi , Saudi Arabia
  • Engage Excellent work and good comms, freelancer is always available on chat. Good follow on support and seRead more..
    Engage , South Africa
  • Scarcius Will hire again. Excellent communication and attention.
    Scarcius , United States
  • hirton Great team , helped me till end thanx guys.
    hirton , Sweden
  • Mystic Great Work Will Continue to work with.
    Mystic , United States
  • Kenja The project was done to specification and is now working on my live site.
    Kenja , United States
  • Shrins4u Techwelfare was good with communication and always available. They were open with customized work loRead more..
    Shrins4u , India
  • Chpox Excellent Freelancer, finish on time and also when misunderstood me offered me to do the job anywaysRead more..
    Chpox , Argentina
  • Papon Great work. I will work with him again.
    Papon , Bangladesh
  • teodor Thank you for the great job
    teodor , Bulgaria
  • Kosta Hanna Great work, thank you!
    Kosta Hanna , Australia
  • Alim Alayubahmed We are happy with techwelfare work, We would like to keep long relationship with techwelfare. I wishRead more..
    Alim Alayubahmed , Bangladesh
  • Mauma Very fast and easy to communicate with! All the points were not completed due to not having server aRead more..
    Mauma , United States
  • Cinquante Very good in all points. Nice jobs. Happy to work with Techwellfare team
    Cinquante , France
  • Alice Great job done even though no source codes and files available.
    Alice , Malaysia
  • Mr. Rakesh I recommend them for future work. Very much cooperative.
    Mr. Rakesh , India
  • Smart Phone Guru Thank you so much! You guys are the best experience I have had on. Thank you for taking the time to Read more..
    Smart Phone Guru , United States
  • Kevin Cambridge =>Excellent work so far!!! =>Great experience! These guys are highly talented and I would stronglRead more..
    Kevin Cambridge , United States
  • Quad sites Excellent work,very trusted programmer,sure i will hire him again,thank you.
    Quad sites , Italy
  • Jamal Excellent work done by techwelfare. really pleased with end result.
    Jamal , United Kingdom
  • Roland =>Done as per request =>project completed as usual =>Project was delayed but final delivery aRead more..
    Roland , Singapore
  • PartGod Project completed
    PartGod , Japan
  • Auto Daddy Good work and communication.
    Auto Daddy , United States
  • Jeff  Coldwell Great team will work with them again!
    Jeff Coldwell , United States
  • Image cartoon Thanks. Great results
    Image cartoon , Egypt
  • CDPD GROUP A good quality job as usual. AA++
    CDPD GROUP , United States
  • Tobias conrad From the ground well communication and programming.
    Tobias conrad , Germany
  • Prashu shinde Excellent work done by techwelfare. Thanks for the help.
    Prashu shinde , India
  • Dus Unfortunately wasnt able to do requested job, but was very helpful and agreed to make up for it withRead more..
    Dus , Israel
  • Katiwa Pleasure to work with
    Katiwa , United States
  • biaggizl The project went without any problems, i recommend techwelfare for future projects.
    biaggizl , Poland
  • vanlines empire =>Very good programmer, easy to deal with =>2nd project with him, very good programmer!
    vanlines empire , Canada
  • Aziz =>An excellent service provider who I always trust to get the service delivered up to my expectationRead more..
    Aziz , Bahrain
  • Wilson Allison =>Do not hesitate to hire Techwelfare. They are a group of talented, hard-working professionals thatRead more..
    Wilson Allison , United States
  • Nszaby All is ok super profesionist
    Nszaby , Romania
  • Mr Rakibul Very Professional and Experienced Programmer. Delivered on time :) I will hire again.
    Mr Rakibul , Bangladesh
  • Frank Very good and professional freelancer.Good Work.
    Frank , Nepal
  • Chhabras Pleasure working with... 
    Chhabras , India
  • Sema Techwelfare thank you.
    Sema , United States
  • Paul Good service.Thanks for the Affordable project. Great communication.
    Paul , Philippines
  • Jeffrey =>Good work. =>Great job i will definitely rehire these guys.
    Jeffrey , Germany
  • Kingsley Dieyi A conscientious person. Very articulated with attractive input to his web designs. Sometimes could bRead more..
    Kingsley Dieyi , United States
  • Christian Smith (Video Pages) Puskar was amazingly helpful and considerate and helped me through each stage of the project. He wasRead more..
    Christian Smith (Video Pages) , South Africa
  • Aviity Great Coder... 
    Aviity , India
  • Apccorp The project was delivered as requested. 5 Stars.
    Apccorp , Canada
  • Roger => Will certainly hire again for similar projects. => Techwelfare was excellent on this project aRead more..
    Roger , Barbados
  • JJnini =>very good Ill recommend. =>Very good, may be too rigid but at the end all was done according toRead more..
    JJnini , France
  • Ignacio Rodés (irode) Excellent Freelancer. Will assign more projects on future. Thank you very much.
    Ignacio Rodés (irode) , Spain
  • Deepinder Saini =>Very speedy, accurate and helpful all throughout the project. Will definitely hire again. Thanks.Read more..
    Deepinder Saini , United States
  • Anissa Thank you, everything was made in time.
    Anissa , Czech Republic
  • Homond It is a good team even though you have to get really involved. Work done reasonably well.
    Homond , United Kingdom
  • Pc Plus =>The experience was great. I could not be happier! =>Work looked great. =>Work was done well Read more..
    Pc Plus , United States
  • Mrnyc1979 Good developer. Gets the job done, and gets it done fast! A+++++
    Mrnyc1979 , United States
  • Harmi Puskar and his professional team is great. I was a very demanding employer and they helped me every Read more..
    Harmi , Canada
  • Shaqwan (anthony) They really are reliable and able. I recently had bad experiences so I was bit cautious, but they maRead more..
    Shaqwan (anthony) , Aruba
    Veronica , Colombia
  • Sante =>As always super job.Very clear communication and cooperative in all ways.A+++ programmers!! =>Read more..
    Sante , Netherlands
  • Dele Ojewumi (thecash) This is a responsible and hardworking group and quite knowledgeable too. Thanks guys for the good joRead more..
    Dele Ojewumi (thecash) , Nigeria
  • Loja did a very good job! thanks!
    Loja , Portugal
  • Bob jensen (Black Friday Auction) Highly suggest that you hire this group if you need PHP programming done. They re knowledgeable and Read more..
    Bob jensen (Black Friday Auction) , United States
  • Online Buddy very professional service provider. the service provider has gone a step further to satisfy the requRead more..
    Online Buddy , India
  • jimqt =>Excellent. Highly recommended. =>As expected, excellent work and highly responsive (plus very hRead more..
    jimqt , United Kingdom
  • Pinky Great work, Great communication, Great quality.. A++
    Pinky , Latvia
  • Nottriping Great work...Thank you...
    Nottriping , United States
  • Luis Techwelfare did a great job.. He worked hard and was there when needed.
    Luis , Portugal
  • Sobha Good programmer did my work to my satisfaction.
    Sobha , Singapore
  • Mart World Project Professionally handled by his team.I got exactly what I wanted. In fact, he gave more than wRead more..
    Mart World , Canada
  • Naijaruns They did a fantastic job and I highly recommend them to anyone who has any trouble with their site. Read more..
    Naijaruns , United States
  • George Websites very knowledgeable about the project
    George Websites , United States
  • Scott (homecctv) =>Techwelfare provided a very professional service.The quality and speed of the work carried out wasRead more..
    Scott (homecctv) , United Kingdom
  • Pip69 Good guys to work with, good communications and fixed all my problems fast, would recommend.
    Pip69 , United Kingdom
  • krsh haris Great to work with Techwelfare.. Changes suggested made within no time.. A true professional.
    krsh haris , United Kingdom
  • epicun Good work. Will hire again!
    epicun , United States
  • Buyer kelly Very knowledgeable programmer. Was a little late on the project but at the end he was able to do whaRead more..
    Buyer kelly , United States
  • papix good coder, he was willing to discuss and improve all aspects of the project. also he guarantee his Read more..
    papix , United States
  • Easy ci This company was excellent and professional...Work was completed to satisfaction. Looking forward toRead more..
    Easy ci , Nigeria
  • seaw =>Techwelfare gave me everything I needed AND MORE... immediate and constant communication and immedRead more..
    seaw , Bermuda
  • koopmann (Samba) They have completed this tricky job perfectly.
    koopmann (Samba) , Germany
  • gotto =>very good communication and open minded work. even if they do not understand the content (was in gRead more..
    gotto , Germany
  • Learning makes C Once again, very happy with the great work. Very good at communicating and meeting my needs. Thanks Read more..
    Learning makes C , United States
  • neighbor Great to work with, excellent communication. Very proactive and goes the extra distance to complete Read more..
    neighbor , United States
  • daniel Great work, Thanks
    daniel , Togo
  • Sharp TechWelfare did a fine job on this project. They had also found 2 other issues and resolved those asRead more..
    Sharp , United States
  • Paul Firm It was really pleasure and honor to work with this team. Very good communication. i will definitely Read more..
    Paul Firm , Canada
  • Birwin Quickly delivered a good looking site. Will use again.
    Birwin , Canada
  • Canndy Fast and effective. Highly recommended.
    Canndy , Canada
  • Smau Good work. Happy with the design. Great communication.
    Smau , France
  • Merch Awesome programmer, great communication skills finished the project to my liking and installed it foRead more..
    Merch , United States
  • Bradley Great Job.. Very friendly when asked for updates a best bet solution to database management.
    Bradley , United States
  • Rick Very competent programmer that delivers as promised.
    Rick , United States
  • R. Kaan Excellent communication and support throughout the project. We will certainly be using this programmRead more..
    R. Kaan , United Kingdom
  • Mr. Ram Project Professionally handled by his team.I got excatly what I wanted. Infact, he gave more than whRead more..
    Mr. Ram , India
  • SmallJobs OK job done.
    SmallJobs , Australia
  • Dare Great communication, daily updates. Finished ahead of schedule.
    Dare , Australia
  • AKN WOW. Great company that does make your work for real. And they are doing it good.
    AKN , Sweden
  • JosephKL01 Fantastic service all round, would definitely recommend working with TechWelfare. A+++
    JosephKL01 , United Kingdom
  • im pious Being a pleasure to work with. Will hire him again in the future. Great understanding and communicatRead more..
    im pious , Greece
  • Chris =>I am going to keep this simple - these guys are FANTASTIC - they deliver on time, to spec and do aRead more..
    Chris , United Kingdom
  • infinite Techwelfare did an excellent job of fixing two serious issues that were affecting our WordPress plugRead more..
    infinite , New Zealand
  • semseoweb =>very very very good service ... recommend to everybody ... they really listen to what you want . Read more..
    semseoweb , Canada
  • Ford Excellent communication. Perfect completed product and very helpful. Techwelfare are a great companyRead more..
    Ford , United Kingdom
  • naijaruns They did a fantastic job and I highly recommend them to anyone who has any trouble with their site. Read more..
    naijaruns , United States
  • Thomas Great work. Great communication. They made sure I was happy at every stage. Extremely professional.
    Thomas , United States
  • Jonathan Eldridge This is to state that Tech Welfare has completed the project for Down River Kayaks to my standard. IRead more..
    Jonathan Eldridge , United States
  • Greg Positive experience, great communication, will work with again. A++
    Greg , United States
  • Steve Great service, went out of their way to help. Will use again.
    Steve , United Kingdom
  • Mohanty =>Techwelfare is very supportive and they provide very quick response, and also having good PHP and Read more..
    Mohanty , India
  • Troy I have done 3 job here.with the work done i am impressed. Highly recommended.
    Troy , United Kingdom
  • Joel =>Very happy, easy to work with. Great price on site build. I will continue using Techwelfare. TechwRead more..
    Joel , United States

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